Mr. Barack Obama: The 44th President Of The United States Of America Poem | Ryan Ngala & Wendy Ngala

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written


Mr. Ryan Ngala & Ms. Wendy Ngala

Ryan Ngala’s Poems™ | STN® Poetry™ |


It’s time right now,

Yes we can,

Change the world,

Someday somehow.


Something we can believe in,

Is what we need,

Now is a reality,

We need a new seed.


Time for Equality,

Time for a change,

With Barack Obama,

Nothing is the same.


Stop the killer’s,

Help the poor,

Stop drug dealers,

Open the door.


We need to seize the day,

And to do it now,

Yes it matters now,

With Barack’s health is restored.


Lives are saved,

No more poor,

Tax are reduced,

For the poor.


Change is now,

Change is scored,

Barack Obama,

Is incredible,

His legacy is impossible.


He sets the bars for African Americans,

Votes have been tallied,

From every state,

Every City.


He has made a landing,

In all America he’s the only one standing,

There’s a different face,

In all of our presidents.


He’s no disgrace,

An American resident,

We stand together,

His legend is forever hold,

For what he stands,

By the power of God’s word.


Copyright © 2008 – 2030 Ryan Ngala’s Poems™ | STN® Poetry™. All Rights Reserved.


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