Beautiful Poem | Ryan Ngala

Beautiful Poem
Edited, Recited, Typed & Written
Mr. Ryan Ngala
Ryan Ngala’s Poems™ | STN® Poetry™ |
There’s no other word,
To describe your perfection,
You dress to impress,
For all the boys
Who stare at ya.

Keep on smiling,
And posting pic’s,
Of ya bad self,
I like the way you look,
Now go strike a pose that,
You just took.


To put it as a profile,
Picture on Facebook,
Them divas haters will be hating,
Cause they ain’t styling as hard as you.


You have a passion for fashion,
In every aspect of your creativity,
Right in front of you,
You look like one of them fashion models,
Who styles on project runway,
And keep on stunning with them shades on all day long.


So keep on balling,
Keep stunning,
In any way that you like,
Go get yourself,
A Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada,
Dolce & Gabbana.


And a couple of Chanel bags,
Because to me,
You’re beautiful,
Just the way you are,
On the outside.


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